The company “EcoBirdControl” offers you effective, domestic, modern equipment, which will became very helpful if you need to protect object from the bird’s attacks.

Advantage of acoustic scarer:

Principle of repeller’s work is quite easy – on the special chip, we recorded the voices of predator birds, which we have gotten from the natural area of habitat. With the help of the waterproof loudspeakers, sound will be heart on the whole territory. The birds will hear it on the square about 15ha. It will effect different kind of birds: crows, seagulls, starlings, rooks, magpies and the other feathered. 

You may suppose actually, what damage could make small bird? If to your field, for example, will come only one rook – of course it cannot make any huge harm. However, birds quite rarely looking for food alone. Huge number of them will come to destroy your harvest. When you acquire our acoustic repeller – you not just spend money, you will have important device. Birds will have no any opportunity to damage it.

We sell universal and proved repellers “Black Kite” and advice to you use it:

deterrence in the vineyards

for save farm fields

for protection of fish in the fish farms

for protection stocks and storages

for deterrence birds from poultry farms

for building, different constructions and monuments for the other objects that could be attacked by birds

for the other objects that could be attacked by birds

If you buy our acoustic scarer “Black Kite” you make pretty good acquire not only for now, but also for the future.

You may ask: why does it profitably to buy our device? 

We are producers of this invention, and that’s why price for our goods stay always suitable and pretty clear for our customers. During many years, we care about high quality and safety of our inventions. You can order acoustic repeller “Black Kite” with a lovely price only in our Internet stores or voronа

If you need an extra information about how to make and order, you can call us, and our high-quality manager will help you in this with pleasure question!