Videos for orchards, vineyards and melon growers


How to scare birds away from blueberries? The bird’s repeller "Black Kite" preserved harvest 

How to scare crows and rooks on bahche? With the help of the repeller birds "Black Kite"

How to scare the starlings from the cherry orchard with the help of the  repeller birds "Black Kite"


How to scare starlings from cherries? Review of a professional gardener about repeller birds "Black Kite"

How to scare birds from the vineyard - The bird’s repeller "Black Kite"

How to scare away starlings and ravens? The bird’s repeller "Black Kite" in the peach garden


How to scare birds from the vineyard? Acoustic and visual repellers from the manufacturer

Dynamic bird’s repeller “Raven” (the kite). How to scare away birds?




Bird’s repeller "Black Kite" – multipurpose protection of your harvest from the feather pests.

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