Bird Repeller Black Kite -16

Отпугиватель птиц Коршун-16плюс
Отпугиватель птиц Коршун-16плюс
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The bird’s repeller "Black Kite – 16" is domestic modern invention and it main task is scare the birds such as seagulls, crows, jackdaws, rooks, starlings, magpies and the others.

The sound bird’s repeller "Black Kite – 16" is domestic modern invention and it main task is scare the birds such as seagulls, crows, jackdaws, rooks, starlings, magpies and the others.

We can offer to you 3 different kinds of sound protection, just all will depend on what actually sort of birds are making problems for you:

  1. - For the small kids of birds such as starlings and ouzels (specialized set)*
  2. - For birds like crows, jackdaws, rooks (specialized set)*
  3. - Mixed set for crows, ouzels, starlings, rooks, jackdaws etc.
  4. - Individual set of the sounds: you can discuss this question with our specialists, if there is no suitable set for you.

Important information: In the specialized sets, there are more records against problematic birds. When you ready to make an order, you should ask our seller which one set is the most suitable for you!

How does it work? All is easy! Repeller sends special sounds and from time to time repeat it when it’s working. We checked his work in the habitat of the birds so you can be absolutely sure about its quality.

In this dives there is a special relay, which will close or open it for work – this will depend on nighttime or daytime. So it can start work by itself about 4.30 – 5.00 for example, in the early morning in summertime and close about 20.00 – 21.00 when the daytime has finished and birds has gone for a sleep. You should install this dives in the open territory, so make sure please that different objects will don’t make any borders for its work.

The affectivity of the protection area 15-16 ha


The dives should be install in the place, where is no any possibility that some water or sunlight could get on it. This can be special tent which will protect repeller from damage.

You will need to put the loudspeaker on the high about 2-3 m, by the way you can use a wall for it. When u will make this part of installation check the right direction of the loudspeakers (follow the picture). Also, don’t forget that when you using dives on the open air territory you shouldn’t turn it up, because water can get inside it.

You can choose different sources of energy to your bird’s repeller, for example:

  1. - Net adapter for this device 220w (will be in the set)
  2. - Accumulator battery 12 w (doesn’t include in the set)

 IMPORTANT INFORMATION! For getting the higher results in the fight against feathered we would like recommend to you to use in the same time both devices: acoustic devices with visual repellers, because birds should hear and see danger in the same time.

We give to our costumers 12 months of guaranty service for acoustic repeller form birds "Black Kite – 16" (for all electric and technical details).

If our device don’t satisfy you as well, u can send it back during 14 days (from the day of the purchase).

                                                     Technical specifications

Produced in Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya
Operating principle by sound
Usage on the open air or in the accommodation
Power type accumulator, power 220W, 12V

More specifications

The square of protecting territory 15 -16 ha
The number of voice records groups 4
Size 160х112х35 mm
Weight  2,245 kg
Power of the loudspeaker 20 Watt
The size of the loudspeaker 105 х 100 х 100 mm

The length of wire from the device to the loudspeaker

8 m
Used power of device 2 A/h

Delivery sat includes:

Bioacoustics repeller

Wire of the power for the outside accumulator 12 V

Cover for device (common for all set)
Exploitation instruction

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Bird’s repeller "Black Kite" – multipurpose protection of your harvest from the feather pests.

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