Visual bird’s repeller “THE EYE”

Отпугиватель птиц глаз желтый
Отпугиватель птиц глаз желтый
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Special hang nameplate with image of predator bird is made from plastic, and it main task is to scare away doves, sparrows and swallows.


Special hang nameplate with image of the eye of predator bird has the main task - to scare away doves, sparrows and swallows. Also we make some researcher about scare away the other kinds of birds which makes damage. If you have got problems with birds, specialists of our company, with pleasure, will give to you useful recommendations.

The hang nameplate “THE EYE” is made from plastic with glue on it special material which is using in the outdoor advertising. This material will let the repeller serve to you during not only one season. Sun, rains, low temperatures of air will not destroy it for a quite long time. Nameplate have a shape similar to the eagle when it fly, so definitely it looks very realistic.  If you will put on this nameplate on the special shield or use the tree-branch as a hanger, it will turn according the wind direction, and this will be the most effective.


Important information! For getting the best results we have to recommend usage of acoustic devices and visual bird’s repellers at the same time. Then birds will not only see, but also hear danger.


The number of such hand nameplates have to be in proportion to the size of field, roof, house or other protecting object from which you will frighten off feathered. But the birds should see the repeller “THE EYE” quite well.

Our team sure that best place to hang “THE EYE” could be feeding site of the birds.


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