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The set Dynamical bird’s repeller “Raven” (the kite, flagpole, installation pipe), looking like a real predatory bird. The kite make something like an imitation of predatory bird flight following the wind, and it is very effective in the fight against birds in the open-air territory.

Actually, almost all sorts of birds are afraid of predators, and most of all – predatory birds. The set Dynamic bird’s repeller “Raven” (the kite, flagpole, installation pipe) looking very similar to real predators bird and should be installed on the fish-rod with high 4-6 m (or on the other flagpole) under the object where birds are unwanted.

Dynamical bird’s repeller Raven it is real imitation of predatory bird even if the wind is very slowly – from 2-4 m/s. However, when wind is very strong – 15-20 m/s! All this is because it has strong and flexible construction. Installation of the kite doesn’t need any special skills just set it in the correct way, and it will work without your help. When will blow wind with the speed about 3-4 m/s it go up into the sky by itself successfully make an imitation of the predatory bird flight.

In addition, we make some researches about deterrence of the other birds, so if you will have problems – you can always find out important information from our specialists.

Area of usage: gardens, vineyards, roofs of the buildings, berths, landfills, industrial areas etc.

The advantages of the dynamical bird’s repeller Raven:

  • The high effectiveness
  • Safe for birds
  • The independence from the power sources
  • Soundless (could be use close to the houses)
  • Easy installation and exploitation


  1. Put on the short rods into the wings and connect it in the middle with special tube. You need to cross long rods and put in into the tail (pic.2).
  2. To the ring on the front side (pic. 1) affix fishing line with thickness about 1 mm or thread with thickness 2 mm, other end bind to the ending of the pole. If wind will be very strong, better use special rubber band, same as using for the aeromodelling. This will be much better when wind is very strong and weather stormy. The length of the pole should be from 4 to 6 m (flagpole are included in the set). For you will be better install the kite on the high about 1.5 – 2 m above the harvest.

You can check the winds directions for your region. This can be very helpful because you will have an opportunity to tilt the kite and avoid it will mix all the time around the pole.

Important information! For getting the best results, we have to recommend usage of acoustic devices and visual bird’s repellers at the same time. Then birds will not only see, but also hear danger.

Safety methods: you should not use the kite near to the electricity lines and when is storm – there is a hug risk to get an electric shock from the electricity (or from the lightening). Twigs made from the GRP material, so for safety your hands, better use latex gloves.



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